Demo of All 22 Pianos & Styles in Session Band Piano App for iOS

SessionBand_Piano_Edition_Icon_138With over 7,000 precision-cut, chord-based piano loops recorded exclusively by Tom Cawley, one of the world’s leading pianists, SessionBand – Piano Edition instantly converts the chords you select into great sounding audio – wherever you are and whatever your ability.

And with a host of pro features like auto-transpose, one-touch live recording and Audiobus compatibility – allowing you to seamlessly export our unique content into other top music apps like GarageBand – it has never been easier or quicker to create your own studio-quality music, even if you can’t play a note!

SessionBand – Piano Edition is a unique app for songwriters, singers, producers and anyone who wants to quickly create professional piano tracks.

Here’s a demo of all 22 Pianos / Styles using the same chord progression.

SessionBand Piano – Volume 1 – UK Music Apps Ltd

Logic Pro Tutorial: Using Side Chain Compression – Tips & Tricks

video-iconIn this tutorial, Dubspot Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Instructor Evan Sutton will demonstrate two techniques for sidechain compression in Logic Pro in the context of dance pop production. These techniques can be used in a number of different musical contexts, and can be even more handy when made part of a Logic template.