EZdrummer 2 Product Preview [Videos]

Toontrack’s Ezdrummer 2 has been a big hit with musicians who want a simple way of creating high-quality rhythm tracks for their productions, so it comes as no surprise that the company has now announced version 2.

Said to be a completely new program, this brings new features for songwriting, a new user interface, a remodelled audio engine, a new mixer with effects chains, two new sound libraries and a selection of percussion sounds.

Check out these preview videos:

Toontrack has also updated its range of EZX expansion libraries for use with EZdrummer 2. Each one now has new effects chains and optimised graphics.

You can find out more about EZdrummer 2 on the Toontrack website. It’ll be available on 6 May at a list price of $179/€139. Upgrades will cost $99/€79

Free Toontrack EZdrummer Lite & EZmix 2 Lite

EZDrummerToontrack is giving away EZdrummer Lite & EZmix 2 as part of it’s Songwriters Month 2013.

New Products focused around songwriting will also be released on May 3rd , 14th, 21st , & the 28th.

EZdrummer® Lite is a stripped down version of the multi-microphone drum-sampler EZdrummer®. It is designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control.

EZmix 2 Lite is a stripped down version of the widely popular preset powered multi-effect mix tool EZmix 2. The full product was designed to cater to anything from home user to pro and builds on one fundamental idea: A powerful tool that combines guitar/amp and cab simulation with ready-made effect chains for the most common instruments and channels found in a recording session. Boiled down, EZmix 2 is your new guitar amp, mix engineer and mastering suite, all rolled up in one convenient package!