REV Reverse Loops & Instruments Sample Library First Look [Video]

REV_1Output, a Los Angeles based music software company is opening it’s doors Nov 12, 2013 and launching REV – the world’s first collection (and a massive one) of instruments, loops, rises, pads, pulses, swells and more all in REVERSE. Released in partnership w/ Native Instruments, REV is built w/in the Kontakt en- gine and installable through the NI Service Center.

REV offers users the first chance to play instruments in real time in reverse and includes over 1,000+ pre- sets spread over 4 unique engines. All sounds lock to tempo and work within all major DAW’s. Engines include a wide array of filters, stutters and FX that can help the user tweak the sound both in the studio and on the fly. Available from, REV will be sold as a full collection for $199 and is built for anyone looking to push their sonic envelope – Producers, Composers, Artists, DJs, Sound Designers, etc.

First Look Video:

A few early endorsers include:

David Kahne (Producer of Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey, Sublime, The Strokes, Kelly Clarkson) Bill Brown (Composer CSI)
Jeff Beal (Composer House Of Cards, Ugly Betty)
Greg Townley (Producer, Mixer: Sideways, Up In The Air)
Jeff Rona (Composer, Lead figure in Building MIDI)

More Info at Output Sounds

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